Thursday, 19 January 2012

Friday night at Pizzeria Amici

Pancetta pizza
On Friday night M and I decided to head down to our favourite wood fired pizza place which happens to be only 1 minute down the road from us in Heidelberg. We hadn’t been for a while so a visit was overdue.

We ordered a medium pancetta pizza and a large Amici (yes we’re big eaters). The pizzas there are always fantastic and this was no exception. Beautiful thin bases and good quality toppings really make a difference.

We were seated next to the stone wood fire oven which let off a beautiful warm glow and could see the flames flickering, reflected in the window.

The pancetta pizza was delicious and mild and the ingredients complemented each other beautifully – gooey brie cheese, pancetta, asparagus.
Next up was our Amici pizza – a classic combination of ingredients. They were out of salami so substituted spicy sausage (which I actually really liked), along with ham, mushrooms, capsicum and olives. We’ve got quite a taste for spice so we were given a little cup of oil with fresh chillies in the bottom to spice it up –  they could just as easily use store bought hot sauce but this was a lovely little touch.

The best thing about Pizzeria Amici is that the ingredients are always fantastic quality and the dough of the base is 'just right' to create a nearly faultless pizza.

Mmmm... I feel like some more right now!

The Amici

P.S. As mentioned in my previous post, I only decided half way through our meal to start this blogging adventure - so please excuse the shots of half eaten pizza!
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  1. Kate, I recommend you try Queen Margaret on Queens Pde in Clifton Hill...great space, pizzas to die for (even the seafood one which I generally stay away from), and the salads and antipasti will send you to Italy with only the trams outside to remind you that you're in Melbs!

  2. Hi Elise,

    Thanks for the tip! Will have to try it out!

    K :)

  3. Hi Kate,

    Great blog. Have you added it to urbanspoon?

    I seriously suggest trying Woodfire Cafe Pizzeria just up the road in Ivanhoe. Words wont do it justice!! :)



    1. Hi Adriana,

      Thanks! I'll have to check out urbanspoon.

      I know Woodfire Cafe well! It's one of our regular pizza joints - we rotate between Woodfire, Pizzami and Amici! Although recently I was given a hot tip that Pizza Espresso in Doncaster is worth checking out too!