Monday, 30 January 2012

Kitchen experiment - 'squink' risotto

The first time I tried squid ink risotto was at Southbank restaurant Giuseppe Arnaldo & Sons, and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s amazing how something that looks so ‘un-normal’ can taste so delicious!

I’ve always been curious about food, and love trying to cook new things. So when I saw sachets of squid ink at my local gourmet supermarket they ended up in my basket!

I never use a recipe when I make risotto, but as I hadn’t made a ‘squink’ one before I googled a few recipes then mish-mashed them up into my own version as I went.

Essentially I made a basic risotto – garlic and shallots cooked in butter, add rice, calamari, chicken stock… and then at the end stir through the squid ink and a dash of lemon.

I’ve never had much luck flash-frying calamari so favour the long, slow cooking method. So I heated up the stock first and cooked the calamari in it on low heat for 30 mins before I added it to the risotto. It had a good hour or so of cooking and was beautifully tender.

The ‘squink’ adds a beautiful seafood flavour to the risotto, and there’s something so sensuous about eating the shiny blackness!

Definitely making this one again!

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