Sunday, 29 January 2012

M's wine review - The Colonial Estate "Exile" Shiraz

I'm M. I'm lucky enough to have a beautiful wife that has given me a license to post on this blog - thanks Kate! 

First of all I enjoy wine - Kate as well! I'm not an expert on wine, I've never done any serious study about wine however over the years I have enjoyed tasting different wine, buying wine, doing a little bit of reading about wine, learning about the regions, differences in vintages and visiting a few cellar doors.

On Friday we decided to open up a bottle of Shiraz -one of my favorite grapes. The wine of choice being - The colonial estate "exile" Shiraz 2009. I discovered this particular wine after Kate sent me an online newsletter advertising it and snapped up a few bottles for the cellar.

Well, what can i say about this one? - one of the best I've ever tasted! What appealed to me about this wine was the fact that it had such a deep rich fruit palate, from the beautiful aroma, right through the taste when drinking it and the long lasting finish.

It is difficult to find a wine, at a reasonable price that has all those qualities, in most cases I've had wine which is great, and I've really enjoyed it but it lacks either the aroma or length (the taste that lingers and keeps coming back). 

There's a few more of these bottles in my wine rack, and we're certainly looking forward to trying the next one!

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