Sunday, 12 February 2012

Eggs on homemade toast

Nothing beats a simple, wholesome brekkie of poached eggs on nice toast!

We bought a bread maker recently and I’ve been trying for a few weeks to perfect a wholesome, heavier wholemeal. We generally eat good quality Phillipa’s or Zeally bay sourdough. Since having the bread maker I’ve been trying to replicate these types of grainy loaves and move away from the fluffy white loaves the bread maker turns out to perfection.

My most recent attempt was the Russian Black Bread recipe from the instruction book. It containing molasses, coffee, fennel seeds and rye flour and was the closest I’ve come to something a bit more wholesome - although it was still a tad doughy in the middle. A bit more work to go with the bread maker I think!

And what better way to trial a new bread than toasted, buttered with poached eggs and chives! Great start to the weekend!

If you’ve got any wholesome bread maker recipes I’d love to hear them!

Kate eat-drink-dream

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