Sunday, 5 February 2012

M's wine review - Alan McCorkindale sauvignon blanc 2011

It’s M here - I got a second gig!

What better white wine than a nice crisp sauvignon blanc? Especially on a hot day (like today)!

The majority of sauvignon blanc wines are easily accessible, no need to worry too much about the vintage and there's plenty of choice out there, both local and NZ varieties as well as some Argentinean, Chilean and French for the more adventurous.

Sauvignon blanc wines go down easily - in most cases!  This is due to the fact that the process in making this wine is quicker compared to other varieties. The other reason is that sauvignon blanc doesn't gain much from aging so most vintages are current and you don't need to wait for this wine to improve - it wont!

What I liked about this particular wine was its depth and complexity. You don't get that often in a sauvignon blanc. It’s got heaps of flavour, nice pale colour but rich almost heavy texture and dominating acidity. I thought the acidity was close to overpowering the nice flavour of the wine so it’s probably not for everyone - especially if you're not too keen on tart wines. Having said that, the wine had good length and went extremely well with grilled chicken and salad!

That takes the sauvignon blanc wine collection to zero. Will have to find something new for the cellar soon!


  1. Love the wine reviews. I have limited wine knowledge but to me Malborough seems like a really good region for Sauv Blanc. Craving some now...

  2. Thanks Gourmet Chick! M's really enjoying doing them too!