Sunday, 25 March 2012

Homemade lasagne – the BEST!

Last night we had my 6 year old nephew to stay and M completed his first ever big bike ride – the Great Ocean and Otway Classic Ride – a huge 145km! So I told M I’d make him whatever he wanted for dinner and he requested a home made lasagne (also very kid-friendly so a good choice)! I don’t make lasagne a lot as it’s quite time consuming but OH MY is it worth the effort!

I don’t follow a specific recipe for my lasagne and it turns out a bit different each time. Last night’s version had layers of the following in no particular order between lasagne sheets:
  • Tomato sauce cooked up with garlic, onion tinned tomatoes for chunkiness, tomato passata and a bit of bacon for flavour
  • Oven roasted pumpkin - in thin slices
  • Mushrooms – precooked to remove excess moisture
  • Spinach and ricotta mix – thawed frozen spinach, blitzed in the food processor with ricotta, nutmeg, cheese and a bit of milk until it’s spreadable in consistency
  • Final layer of tasty cheese on top – lots of it
Every time I make lasagne I swear to make it more – perhaps this time I actually will! The best thing is we’ve got enough left-overs to last 2 more nights!

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