Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dumplings in the city - HuTong Dumpling Bar

The other week I went into the city after work to meet M for dinner. I’d had a craving for dumplings, and HuTong Dumpling Bar in Chinatown do my all time favourites! This place is something of an institution in Melbourne, make sure you book at least a week or two early to get a spot as they book up FAST!

The staff are lovely but also scare me a little, the restaurant runs with absolute precision. They turn over the tables with such speed and skill – it’s a well oiled machine. They can always be counted on for a good recommendation too – but anything on the menu with the little ‘recommended’ stamp is usually worth a try.

We had two our must-have dishes, I don’t think I could eat here without having at least one serving of each of these. We also tried a new dumpling flavour – prawn and pork. The food at HuTong is also really reasonably priced, dinner here for M and I has never come to more than $50 - and that's WITH at least one glass of alcohol each!

What we ate:
  • 2 serves shao-long bau
  • 2 serves wantons with hot chilli sauce
  • 1 serve fried prawn and pork dumplings

The shao-long bau are so much fun to eat, there's even have little instruction cards on the table. Just dip one into sauce, pop it on your spoon and nibble a little hole in the side, suck out the delivious soupy stock then gobble the dumpling up! The flavour in these little suckers is fantastic, and the skins are lovely and fine too, not chewy or gooey like I’ve had elsewhere.

The hot chilli dumplings are so warming and tasty. The chilli can get stuck in your throat though but it’s defiantly worth it! The left-over chilli oil is great for dipping other dumplings in too if you like a bit of heat like I do.

This was the first time we’d tried the fried prawn and pork dumplings and we both really liked them, they were nice and crispy outside and the flavour of the filling was great. Not sure if they’re on the regular repeat list like the other two, but definitely a good pick.

So if you're after a cheap night out in the city with great belly-filling food head to HuTong - but remember to book first!

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