Thursday, 19 April 2012

M’s wine review - Sanguine Estate Tempranillo 2008

Tempranillo is a native Spanish grape grown across many regions of Spain. Tempranillo grapes are black and have a thick skin which helps them to tolerate a much warmer climate compared to other varieties. This wine is typically paired with Spanish food such as tapas, and other grilled vegetables or meat.

Tempranillo wines have a deep colour and full body with aromas and flavours such as strawberry, fresh tobacco, and leather. These wines are low in acidity and alcohol and as such they are often blended with other red grapes like Grenache to give them more depth of flavour.

Sanguine Estate is located in Heathcote. It's a beautiful property and a fantastic premium producer of wines in the region. This 2008 vintage of their Tempranillo is a great example of this variety.

This wine is rich, opulent and full of ripe plum, chocolate and spice flavours. It has a great depth to it and is not short of anything. Best of all as the variety is so pleasant and easy to drink it's accessible to everyone and will complement most food. I have had other Tempranillos which I've found too light on the pallet and also ones which have been too ripe. This one is just right!

Price range $28-$36

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