Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Polish easter feasting

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break! On Easter Sunday we visited M's parents for breakfast and lunch. I've mentioned before that M is Polish, and his mum is a SUPERB cook!

Everytime we visit she outdoes herself with delicious spreads, but Easter was really exceptional.

We arrived to a table spread with a traditional european breakfast, there was so much of my favourite food there I didn't know where to start!

We had my FAVE potato and veggie salad 'salatka' - the veggies are chopped into very fine cubes and it's sensational spread on fresh bread rolls with a slice or two of nice meat. We had a platter of different meats, a platter of cheeses, smoked salmon, smoked salmon stuffed with dill and cream cheese, smoked trout, traditional hard boiled eggs with peas and mayo, plain hard boiled eggs, sausages AND homemade beetroot horseradish!

Closely following this course was the essential breakfast dessert - tea and FIVE varieties of homemade cake!

Basically we ate until we were so full we didn't know where we'd put lunch... And then lunch came a few hours later!

The entire spread - impressive huh!

Beautiful meats and smoked salmon

My favourite - salatka

Hard boiled eggs with creamy dressing and peas - so fresh!

And of course - breakfast dessert of poppyseed cake, cheesecakes, tea cake, wafelki biscuits.

For lunch my mother-in-law outdid herself again! She cooked M's favourite meal - knedle with mushroom gravy and turkey rolls stuffed with spinach and feta.

Basically knedle are giant potato dumplings - kind of like large gnocci. M and I would have been happy with just a giant plate of knedle swimming in gravy and perhaps a couple of turkey rolls on the side, but on the table was also a WHOLE boned and stuffed duck.

Needless to say we didn't eat any dinner on Sunday night!

Just one photo from lunch - we were so keen to start eating!

Kate eat-drink-dream

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