Sunday, 27 May 2012

M's wine review - De Bortoli Yarra Valley Syrah 2008

This wine was interesting. I haven't had many good Yarra Valley Shiraz (or the French name Syrah) but the wine stores’ little label and price tag indicated that it was supposed to be a solid Victorian cool climate Shiraz.

Syrah or Shiraz? It is claimed that the Syrah grape originated in Shiraz (a city in Iran) and that the grape was brought to Rhône in France. This association suggests that "Syrah" is a local French synonym and "Shiraz" is the proper name.

Anyway, about the wine! I opened the bottle, poured a glass, tasted it, and I was disappointed! It tasted average, lacking flavour and depth. It had quite strong tannins and not much more. I waited a little while and had another glass and it wasn't much better - cap back on and into the pantry!

Fast forward 24 hours I poured another glass and was surprised again - absolutely delicious!

It just needed some time to develop and go through the oxidization process. The first glass was smooth, full of flavour but different to Barossa or warmer climate Shiraz, this is a true cool climate wine. It is nice with some bitter, savoury twigginess through it. The finish shows spice and some nutty character!

Judging by my experience I think this wine has at least a good 5 years cellaring in it! I'm happy with that outcome as I'll be buying a few more bottles to store away.

It's amazing what 24 hours can do!

Price range $25-$38

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