Friday, 18 May 2012

Smoked trout pizza

We were at M’s parent’s the other week and they day before they’d been on a day-trip to the Dandenong mountains. They stopped at a trout farm and came home with 7 whole smoked trout, 2 of which my lovely mother in law sent home with us!

We were in the mood for pizza. M’s the pizza-maker in our house and makes it on pita breads as it’s (a) healthier and (b) quicker on weeknights. So he whipped up some pizza bases with tomato sauce and cheese while I skinned and boned the trout.

Normally we bake the pizzas with all the ingredients on them, but when we use smoked fish we like them a little lighter. So after we pulled the crispy bases out of the oven we piled them up with fresh spring onion, cream cheese and smoked trout, popped them back in for 5 mins to warm through and served them with rocket and lemon on top. Deelish!

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