Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Dinner at our local Indian

One of our favourite low key meals out is Indian. We really love a spicy curry and there’s something about eating curries out that I can never quite replicate at home. Café Saffron, the Indian restaurant in Ivanhoe is our favourite local, it’s just 2 minutes down the road from us.

What I love about it is how friendly the owner and staff are, we turned up one wet Friday night with no reservation and they seated us right away. The food here is always good and they have a great selection of vegetarian dishes. I’m particularly partial to the Aaluu Baingan Ki Subz (eggplant and potatoes cooked with tomatoes) and the Baluchi Aalu Mattar (Green peas and potatoes in tomato gravy). This time we decided to try some things we haven’t eaten before as we could be missing other great dishes by always ordering the same!

Our first dish was sizzling chicken served on the hot plate. This was a first for us and we really enjoyed it, the chicken was beautifully tender and had a great spicy flavour. It was a generous portion and good served between 2 as an entrée.

We usually get a veggie curry and a seafood one, this time we had the potato and spinach curry and a prawn curry (apologies, I can't quite remember which one this was) these were great although both fairly mild in ‘hotness’. I think next time I’d ask for the prawn one a little spicier so we could have one mild and one hot curry (most people would probably like this level of spice but M and I like it HOT). I must must must ALWAYS have the garlic naan - yes I know that’s a big emphasis, but these are my favourites. Café Saffron make them so deliciously light and fluffy, just perfect to scoop up juices with your fingers and make a mess.

Always a great friendly meal out at Saffron, just writing this post makes me want some more Indian tonight!

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