Friday, 8 June 2012

M's wine review - 50 Vines Toolern Vale Shiraz 2009

This wine comes from a small boutique producer, just north of Melton in Victoria - Toolern Vale.

We had this wine for dinner at Kate's sisters place. It's not a common label you'll find anywhere, I suspect you might have to get in touch with the winery to buy a bottle.

It's a very nice Shiraz, full bodied, fruity, plenty of length - complete. If you can get your hands on this wine do so! It's great!

Price range $30-$45


  1. Interesting. Te winery is just around the corner from me, and I always believed they only provided grape stock for other, established wineries rather tan producing any bottle stock under their own label.
    Will definitely pay a visit to buy a bottle to test.

    1. Interesting! This was the first bottle we'd had from this vineyard, it was given to my sister from one of the owners. If you can buy these from the winery please let me know! Enjoy!