Saturday, 18 August 2012

M's wine review - The Colonial Estate Emigre 2009

The first wine review that I wrote on the eat-drink-dream blog was of the Colonial Estate Exile Shiraz 2009 - an excellent wine which I've enjoyed on more than one occasion.

A couple of months ago I decided to try some of the other wines in the Colonial range and purchased the ‘Emigre’. It’s a blend of various grapes sourced from four different vineyards. The core grape is grenache which makes this wine very different to the ‘Exile’ which is a single vineyard shiraz.

The ‘Emigre’ is fantastic! It's a very good wine, it is complex with a rich variety of berries, violet, chocolate and pepper. It has many layers to it with very fine, well integrated tannins and good length. It is a quality wine with plenty of body and fruitiness!

Whilst making an investment in the ‘Emigre’ I was also swayed to give the ‘Alexander Liang’ - single vineyard old vine grenache a try. I'll open this one in the next few months!

Price range $25-30

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