Sunday, 12 August 2012

M's wine review - St. Erth Pinot Noir 2010

Pinot noir is a popular and fast growing wine variety. I recently heard that pinot grapes are in shortage and in the current year the excess pinot grown in Tasmania has been bought out by other producers - so large is the demand. I like pinots, they're classy, pleasant to drink with a large variety of dishes and you could easily have more than one bottle as they're a lot lighter than a shiraz or a cab sav.

Personally I've always preferred a mid-bodied pinot over the lighter styles, probably as I feel right at home with a good glass of shiraz. Recently I have started enjoying the lighter variety (easily spotted as it usually has an almost translucent red colour).

Pinot is best grown in cooler climates, in particular Tasmania and Victoria. André Tchelistcheff America's most influential post-prohibition winemaker declared that "God made cabernet sauvignon whereas the devil made pinot noir." It is much less tolerant of hard, windy, hot and dry, harsh vineyard conditions than the likes of cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, merlot, or grenache.

I purchased this wine without knowing much about it. What got me this time was the ‘single vineyard’ statement. Arguably wines from a single vineyard are better quality - basically grapes aren’t purchased in bulk. The wine was good for its price, I wouldn't say it's in the top echelon of pinot but it's easy to drink, pleasant enough to serve to guests. It's an honest wine, without shooting the lights out. In the sub $15 segment it's a steal!

Price range $14-18

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