Wednesday, 5 September 2012

M's wine review - Tatachilla Reserve Shiraz 2008

What I liked when I purchased the first 6 bottles of this delicious Tatachilla Reserve Shiraz 2008 was:

1) Great traditional shiraz flavour
2) Good length
3) Excellent value

I liked it so much that I followed it up with another 6, but of the 2009 vintage.

The flavour of the 2008 is straight forward and traditional - blackberry, pepper, dark chocolate, oak, tannins and enough structure for medium term cellaring. Fast forward 3-4 years I'm on my last bottle of the 2008 vintage and it's very smooth, easy drinking and still just as enjoyable as when I first tried it. I'd like to have more!

Because I enjoyed the 2008 vintage so much I followed up with a purchase of the 2009 vintage. At the time of tasting the 2009 vintage, in my opinion, it was just as good as 2008, maybe even bigger in length and intensity. However, having waited 2-3 years and tasted both vintages in the same week I can honestly say that the 2008 is a much better wine. The 2009 just doesn't seem to have the same smoothness and perfectly layered structure. It's still a good wine but nothing to get excited about (however at this price point it's great).

I'd say both are a good midweek or Sunday night drop, but I favour the 2008 over the 2009. I suspect the 2009 was made in a slightly different way, trying to mimic the previous vintage, and at the time it did, but in terms of cellaring the 2008 has aged more gracefully.

Price range $13-16

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