Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Footy grand final food!

Ok, so I know it's been a while since the footy grand final, but I had a minor tantrum and refused to blog until we got a new computer. Hence the delay in blog posts, but a much more pleasant and efficient way for me to write them - on a computer that actually works!

We had a few friends over to watch the grand final (AFL that is) and cooked up some 'footy food'. 

I made mini cheese and spinach pies (the same recipe as the one I posted here), and we tried out the pizza dough setting on our bread maker for the first time to make mini pizzas. I was on dough rolling duty and it seemed much easier to roll long skinny shapes than circles - so that's what they became! I call it rustic! M topped them with a mix of salami, tomato, olives, fetta, oregano and sundered tomato. They were delicious. I think next time we make them we'll get better at cooking them on the right temperature etc.

We brought the food out in two lots as the boys were pretty peckish after they came in from kicking the footy at half time out in the street!

Just a shame M's team didn't make it to the GF this year!

Kate eat-drink-dream

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