Sunday, 18 November 2012

Fresh asparagus and prawn spaghetti on a weeknight

While shopping the other day I saw beautiful fresh asparagus in the fruit and veg section - three bunches for a great price. And, asparagus being one of my favourite veggies, I picked three bunches up without any hesitation.

So during the week I knocked up this simple but delicious meal of asparagus, prawns and some pesto I made last summer from the freezer.

I don't think I even need to put the recipe in detail for this one, it's so simple. Saute some spring onions, add the prawns and pesto and continue cooking until prawns are done. Meanwhile, cook the spaghetti and throw in the chopped asparagus about 4 mins before the end. Drain it, reserving a little pasta water then toss through with the prawn mixture, season with salt and plenty of pepper, adding the pasta water to loosen it up if need be. 

Enjoy - a great quick weekday meal!

Kate eat-drink-dream


  1. That looks delicious and perfect for a simple but fantastic weeknight dinner-but I think that it would impress guests too! :D