Friday, 30 November 2012

M's Wine Review - Tollana Pinot Noir 2008

I like a good pinot! The better ones can knock your socks off, they're mouth watering! - and usually they're very pricey. I found this particular wine at our local shop - Leo's in Heidelberg, it was discounted from $40 to $25 and I simply couldn't resist, especially after reading that this wine was rated a sound 95 points by James Halliday.

The full name is Tollana Robinson Family Vineyard Pinot Noir 2008, with the grapes sourced from the Mornington vineyard. The brand was established in 1888, with the company now focusing on making unique wines from various regions across Australia, including Mornington (pinot), Bendigo  (shiraz), Eden Vale (cabernet) and a few others. Their wines have won numerous awards and medals and the brand has been quoted as being the "winemakers brand".

This was a great wine! You could taste the smoothness, refinement and depth of a great vintage. It was very finely spiced, with warm decadent fruit flavours of black berry and plum coming through mid pallet. To my surprise it had great length and a certain consistency of flavour - maybe the right term is "smooth as silk".

I enjoyed it so much that I picked a few more bottles of this Pinot as well as the Tollana Brian and Julie Hurse Vinyard Bendigo Shiraz. I'll review that one some time when I finally get to it - it's currently enjoying a little more ageing!

Price range $25-40 

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