Tuesday, 27 November 2012

M's Wine Review - Warrabilla Durif 2008

On our recent camping trip to Wye River on the Great Ocean Road our friends brought with them a bottle of Durif.

I must admit, I haven't had a Durif before. I had heard about it though, and after looking it up to find out a little more it seems to be a grape that has resulted from a cross pollination of Syrah (shiraz) and peloursin flowers. This grape grape is known as petite sirah.

The grape produces dark, inky coloured wine that can be relatively acidic, with a firm texture. Compared to a normal shiraz these wines are darker and look "heavy" in appearance. 

We started enjoying this wine late in the afternoon on the camp site, and if I was to summarise it, I'd say it's smooth, heavy, easy to drink and impenetrable. The reason why I say impenetrable, is because this is a heavy wine, it's almost a port! At 16% alcohol it isn't something you can have more than a glass or two of.

The Warrabilla Durif has vanilla flavours, some light spice, pleasant length and a certain degree of sweetness for which petite sirah is famous for.

I'd certainly have this wine again but it's probably best if you keep it to the end of the night!

Price Range $20-28

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