Thursday, 13 December 2012

A kitchen experiment - tandoori chicken pie

At my work we have a canteen on-site for employees only. Besides the couple of other cafes near where I am there's not much within walking distance so I'll often pop in to see what they're making. They put a menu up in our kitchen area at the start of each week so we know what's on offer - and a litte while ago the 'Tandoori Chicken Pie' caught my eye. It was surprisingly delicious, had great rich flavour, and when I was scoffing it down at my desk a few people asked about the delicious smell!

So I resolved to give a new pie variety a go! I make a decent pie, but only ever a couple of types and pies are so versatile that I don't know why I don't make them more often!

I cooked up this pie with onion, tandoori paste, chicken, mushroom and spinach and it worked surprisingly well! I didn't get it quite like the one at work, but it was certainly very tasty and richly flavoured. M insisted on putting tomato ketchup on it as he does with all pies - no matter the flavour!

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  1. But where's the recipe????? All very well showing us the delicious looking pics but I can't see the point without supplying your recipe as well. Back to google I guess...