Wednesday, 19 December 2012

M's wine review - Chateau Paul Mas Coteaux Du Languedoc

French wine is a bit foreign to me. We certainly don't drink a lot of it and tend to stick with Australian wine, however over the last few years it seems like French wine has become a lot more popular. This particular wine comes from the south west of France.

This wine is a SGM blend - 85% Syrah, 10% Grenache and 5% of Mourvèdre. It's not often you find this sort of blend, although I'm on the lookout, as the more of these I try, the more I like them. They're interesting, unique and really open up the flavour pallet.

I'm going to get straight to the point - I've tried 3 vintages of this wine over the last 12 months - and each has been excellent!

2006 - Wow! Very smooth, so easy to drink, plenty of flavour, great length, simply a pleasure. If you can find this vintage I'd pick it over other wines in the $50+ range as this wine is stunning!

2007 - Excellent, but not as smooth as the 2006. It certainly felt like a slightly different wine, perhaps not as refined as the previous - most likely a reflection of the growing season.

2010 - Fantastic! It's still a very young wine, but the structure, flavour, complexity is all there. I'm very keen to keep this vintage for another 4-5 years and see how it develops. If its anything like the 2006 (which on initial consumption seemed very similar) it will be outstanding!

I need to get a few more of these into the wine rack. They're certainly worth it!

BTW I love the "serious looking" French label!

Price range $16-20

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