Saturday, 29 December 2012

M's Wine Review - Le Chat Noir Sauvignon Blanc 2011

French wine. I'm new to it, having mainly grown up on Australian wine, the French though, they've been making it for ages and you can certainly taste the results in the produce! 

This is a sensational sauvignon blanc! It is different, very different, to Australian and New Zealand sauv blanc. At first glance the colour is darker, almost Chardonnay like, which is unusual as sauv blanc is usually a light coloured wine, an indication of the youthfulness of the picked grapes. A darker colour usually means the grapes have been picked when they're more ripe. 

This wine tastes complete, it has hints of honey, just a little bit of sweetness, plenty of fruit, some acidity but certainly nothing like what I'm used to with local sauv blancs. It is a more full and mature wine, which goes down too easily. It isn't as mineral in taste as New Zealand sauv blancs which suits me just fine.

I'm rating this one very highly, and it's made me want to try others from France! The uniqueness of the flavour is truly spectacular and most importantly delicious!

Price range $20-25

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