Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday morning at Lip Cafe Ivanhoe

This morning we were having a lie in and M spontaneously said let's go out for brekkie. So we bundled into the car and drove the 2 mins down the road to Lip Cafe in Ivanhoe. It's a little place on Waterdale rd behind the main Ivanhoe strip that we've frequently driven past and thought we should try.

So we arrived to a bustling little cafe full of young families and nabbed the last table inside. Looking at the menu I was really excited about our meal. We were right next to the kitchen and I could see delicious looking brekkies emerging. 

I ordered the 'Salmon + Rosti', served with homemade beetroot relish, avocado and a poached egg and M had the 'Fez Lip', Moroccan beans, chorizo, fried egg and toast.

I was determined to like Lip, it had a great vibe, friendly staff, the food looked good... But when my meal arrived looking like the photo below, tiny, sparse and not very appetizing I was a bit disappointed. 'Oh well' I told myself, 'it might taste better than it looks'. The rosti was certainly very tasty I would have demolished one as a side but as the main part of the meal perhaps a little small, my poached egg was as poached eggs should be and my avocado was ripe. But that's about where it stopped... The beetroot relish was one of the strangest things I've tasted, I didn't like it at all, it tasted bland and not beetrooty, and the salmon tasted a bit strange... After my meal I was also not even close to full.

M's meal on the other hand arrived steaming hot and looking great. I tried some and had extreme food envy, it was lovely, mushy beans with great flavour and spicy crispy chorizo. The bread was great quality and M really enjoyed it. He kindly shared a couple of bites with me, lovely husband!

So, to summarise Cafe Lip: I was a bit disappointed, M liked it, but I think we'll still visit again and try something else off the menu. I do like to support local businesses and everyone deserves a second chance.

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