Sunday, 20 January 2013

M's Wine Review - Fulcrum Chardonnay 2010

On one of my many visits to Dan Murphy's I met one of the winemakers from Fulcrum wines. He was doing a tasting of his Chardonnay and Pinot varieties. After having a quick chat I tried two vintages of his Chardonnay, the 2011 and 2010. Both struck me as odd. I was expecting that classic creamy chardonnay flavour, or a more modern acidic and exciting chardonnay variety, yet I was presented with a completely different and most un-chardonnay like wine!

I wasn't sure what to make of it, so I bought the 2010 vintage as I thought it tasted better.

In a nut shell, it is a simple wine. It is very gentle at first so you don't get that overbearing chardonnay flavour. It is nicely balanced with mild, almost straw-like, flavours. This is followed by some lime and citrus coming through the back of the pallet. The wine is easy to drink, and also very easy to enjoy. It isn't a standout chardonnay in its own right but seems like a mixture of very fine chardonnay-like flavours.

This is what the wine makers wrote about this wine:
Fulcrum Chardonnay is a new wine by Gippsland’s young gun, William Downie and long time friend and colleague, Jason Searle. Inspired by the wines they enjoyed over meals during stints in Burgundy, this Chardonnay is a lovely M√Ęcon style. Lovely texture and palate weight supported by touches of almond and white flowers. 
It's certainly something different and will appeal to most!

Price range $18-25


  1. Just an FYI for any readers that they shouldn't confuse these wines with the wines of Fulcrum Wines from California. We have been making wines under the Fulcrum trademarked brand for 8 years now and for some reason this company decided to use our name.

    We make great Pinot Noirs. You can see more about us at